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We used to fish off of "Muni" pier as kids. Various types of fish could be seen and caught. The strangest of all was what we called the "Alameda Trout." No one ever caught one but we saw them in the water, drifting along like the occasional jellyfish.

Any one want to venture a guess what type of "fish" we saw ?

-- RE Ruef (, February 24, 2002


Let me see if I can answer that one. The "Alameda Trout" was really not the hard to catch, the right bait must-be though. As I remember, the most effective way was a few drinks at about 1:45 am, sometimes before. The remains of the "Trout" could-be found the next morning, usually in parking lots behind bars, bowling allys, and dead end streets. The size of the "Trout" varies, usually 6 to 8" long, and no more 11/2 in diameter. The use of the "Trout" ment that smaller "Trout" would-be kept from swimming up stream, much to the relief of the female. Hope this will help you in your search for the fish, that if escaped, would cause eventually bloting of the female.

-- ET "Bud" Walters (, February 26, 2002.

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