Helicoidal ramp on Hobo camera ?

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Hi, I have a 121 mn Super Angulon mounted on Hobo. I'm not really satisfied with the DOF;I need to be at least at f;32 to be confortable. Maybe with an helicoidal ramp I could setup two ranges, one for a close up, another one for infinity, or even more. Where can I get that ! Does somebody knows if it already exist for that shutter ( compur 0 ). Any idea is welcome, thank you. long life to this Forum ! Guillaume Zuili

-- guillaume zuili (gzuili@noos.fr), February 24, 2002


In fact I would like to make a big brother of the Brooks Veriwide. Thanks for help. Guillaume

-- guillaume zuili (gzuili@noos.fr), February 24, 2002.


You might ask the folks at http://www.granview.com

-- Roger Urban (roger_urban@yahoo.com), February 24, 2002.

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