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I'm looking into a new tripod head. Would much appreciate comments on the above two (or others, for that matter). They seem to be the best combo of weight/strength available. Many thanks in advance.

-- Yaakov Asher Sinclair (, February 24, 2002


Also look at the Linhof Profi II ball head. About a 1/2 pound lighter than the Arca Swiss when fitted with an arca swiss quick release system. Unlike the Acratech, it has a tension control knob. And for use with a light field camera is excellent.

-- Howard Slavitt (, February 24, 2002.

I have been using an Acratech with my Canham 4X5/5X7 for about 9 months now and really like it. My only complaint so far is the metal knobs. However, Scott at Acratech is developing new rubberized knobs for easier use. It is extremely light weight and holds my equipment stable. While it doesn't have the elliptical ball head of the Arca Swiss, I have found the Acratech very nice to use. I use it with my CF tripod and it is a joy to carry. Jim

-- Jim Becia (, February 24, 2002.

It depends what you are using it with, I love mine but wouldn't put a 8x10 on it.

I like the Acratech very much for 35mm / MF. I use it on a G1228 or G341. I like the Arca Swiss better with heavy cameras (Linhof Technika, my main LF setup, but the 341 is so heavy it makes no difference, the Arca's just my preference.) The Acratech's real stiff and works well with a wood or light metal camera like a Super Graphic. Plus the Acratech people are easy to deal with, unlike a lot of the pompous goofs one so often encounters. And it is cheap, in the event you took up LF to save money ;-). I don't think the tension adjustment on the Arca is so hot, personally, unless shooting long lenses in 35 or MF.

-- L J Perenyi (, April 18, 2002.

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