A Different Gospel

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In the first chapter of Galations Paul speaks of those in the church who are preaching a "different Gospel". Stern warnings follow.

As Christians we should't assume that we're ok in this area without some introspection. What's going to go on in your church this week? Will you focus on carrying out the commands of the Lord, or will you be engaged in other activities? Will the preaching and teaching be purely Christian? Will the Bible be the ultimate source, or will other sources be introduced? Will secular sources be quoted as authoritative? God forbid, will pagan sources be quoted?

As we hold up men and women in history as examples to our congregations and classes, will we include non-Christians among them? Remember that outside of Christ, humanity's righteousness is as filthy rags. It's repugnant to the Lord, therefore any non-Christian is automatically disqualified as a role model for the flock.

Will we be having these outsiders speak in our churches? I can't imagine anything they could offer in their pagan or humanistic wisdom that can't be found in pure form somewhere in the Body of Christ.

Will we make our churches holy? Set apart FROM the world, and set apart TO God?

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2002


Dear fellow Ambassador of Christ,

Although I understand where you are with your question in regards to what will be the resounding tone of our worship service, I have to say that there are times when I have used material from the secular world to get the attention of folk who thought what they heard in that realm is 'right on'.

On those occasions that I've used outside material, i.e., a quote, of course, the purpose is to refute the myth/untruth perpetrated by either the printed media, radio, TV, movies or just someone's opinion. When people that have read or heard something that they think is unique or profound coming from a secular source, it's the opportunity for me to say, "well, that's not new, Jesus said, or Elijah or Moses or whichever one of the biblical characters or their message is appropriate at the time.

Let us remember that the fact of the matter is that everybody sitting on the pew is not a Christian and with the information age so prevelant, we have to be on our toes as to where our congregants are spiritually so that we can guide them to a closer walk with God. Many church folk are still in the "well, I think," "in my opinion," or "I read somewhere" stage so it would be to our advantage to utilize the moment to leave them with the TRUTH.

I believe Jesus gave us the model on how to handle those kinds of situations when he told the pharisees about their making the people adhere to the 'traditions of men' and forsaking the weightier matters of the law.

When the Lord gives me the opportunity to refute or dispel a myth/untruth, I seize the moment to set the record straight so that God is glorified.

Let your light shine!!!

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2002

An example of what I'm thinking of dear sister I saw on TV once. I only watched a few minutes, but in that time I saw a secular speaker listing names of people she admired. Among them was Tupak Shakur. Everything I know about him indicates he was a very immoral person. The gathering was in a large church, and my first thought was, "what kind of garbage is this pastor permitting to be spoken in his church?"

I understand your point though.

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

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