why teams?

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Many books suggest that having teams in an organization increases productivity and is overall benefitial for the organization. If this is true why are so many organizations not using this concept for their workforce? Could i know any thoughts on this?

-- Meeta Bhatia (meetabhatia@hotmail.com), February 24, 2002


Team-based organizational structures may not necessarily be beneficial for all types of organizations. An understanding of existing structures, and the nature of a particular organization is required in order to assess the need for teams. By enforcing teams, a sense of empowerment, and autonomy is given to the workers, and in doing so, a company must assure the competency of its workers. There must always be a control system in place which serves as a panopticon, and guides the teams in a direction in line with organizational goals and objectives. In conclusion, an organization needs to assess the capability of teams and the existence of control systems prior to implementing such changes. Oftentimes, companies feel the need for tighter controls, and therefore maintain a centralized structure of authority. I'm currently doing a research paper on the role and evolution of team-based work. Any resources or feedback would definately be appreciated.

-- Shams Moloo (smoloo@ualberta.ca), March 20, 2002.

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