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My daughter was injured on the job. She has been placed on light duty by her employer's physician. As a result of her light duties, her co-workers have been verbally harrassing her. She has suffered near continuous verbal assaults reguarding her light duty status. She has gone to her supervisor, and even the adminstrator of the nursing home where she works to no avail. What are her options here?

-- VAnessa Boyce (, February 23, 2002


hi tell your daughter to ask for an employee greivance form and write out her complaints and to keep a log on every wrk said to her also i much suggest she seek counseling for hostile wrk enviroment, and verbal abuse and keep a paper trail if not she may have some trumped up charges she knew nothing about out of the blue.. she needs to summit this to her supv. and tp hr personnel with her dr.s note to cover her self she will then have grounds to sue for harrassment .god bless from someone who know the same effects i wrk for a group home .we need strong law to be protected in the agencies ...i wish her all the luck be strong god is always in the mist of it all she will prevail she and u are in my prayers....... a friend

-- shaw (, March 20, 2002.

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