uneven overdeveloped circles at the film edge with Kodak hangers

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hi, i got uneven overdeveloped circles at the film edge with Kodak hangers how can i avoid this? tray and JOBO processing is too slow for me....i always have large quantity. Maybe because of my agitation?.....i do twice every 30sec lift up to right then go back to soup and lift up to left.... Maybe because when i lift and drop the film to quick? Maybe there is a special way to agitation the film?... Or...Maybe there is a way to load film to hanger can avoid uneven develpment?

sorry....lots questions.... really want to get perfect negative....^_^


-- Jeff Liao (jliao66@aol.com), February 23, 2002


The biggest problem with Kodak hangers is that if you move them two quickly in and out of the developer,...overdevelopment happens when the developer shoots through those holes. Slow down,... or go to gas burst ajitation with nitrogen, a plenum and a timer. Patience, patience! Try using the technique where you raise the hangers out at the rate of one inch..per second, tip to drain, pause and lower them back at the same, SLOW rate of speed. Continous for the first thirty seconds, once a minute after that. Good luck.

-- Richard Boulware (boulware-den@att.net), February 23, 2002.

You can develop more than one sheet of film in a tray at a time. This is a very common misconception. You can and should develop more than one sheet of film at a time when you tray develop. I usually develop ten sheets of 5 x 7 at one time.

I used to use hangers, but gave up on them because I was limited on the number of hangers I could drop in my tanks. Went to trays and haven't stopped using them for twenty years.

I use a two step developer to make sure that the developing time is fairly extended to make sure that the development does process evenly.

-- Joe Lipka (joelipka@earthlink.net), February 23, 2002.

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