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I have a toshiba dvd player (SD2710). It plays MP3's fine, reads CD-R fine and everything else. I just got a VCD, which works on other DVD no problem, but not on mine. Interestinly, this stupid DVD player won't play 80 minute MP3 CD-R's or anythinig that is 80 minutes. Anyone else ever experience this and is there something I can do. Second, why won't it play 80 minute discs Thanks.

-- Jason Schleppe (, February 23, 2002


I have been using this player for about a year now and it plays my 80 minute VCD's just fine. However, I have found that burning speed does impede on quality. For best results, burn your VCD's using Nero at the slowest speed possible.

-- DJ 1200 (, February 26, 2003.

All dvd-players toshiba umable (originally) to vcd`s disc, just playing cd-r (vcd mode) in grey-diamond color (same of original sound cd`s).

-- dieguito no es dios (, October 23, 2004.

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