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Help home made VCD with Nero don't work on my PHLLIPS DVD 710 (not a computer dvd player) I have made my VCD from a divx movie. I use TMPGenc to convert avi file to mpeg file. I have got a great quality of mpeg then I cut my movie with TMPGenc to make parts of 60 min lenght. (excuse my english I am French) Then I burn my VCD with Nero 5.5 on a Verbatim CD-R. No matter but the VCD don't work on my player PHILLIPS DVD 710. I am sure my player (PHILLIPS DVD 710)can play DVD, VCD, SVCD and CD-R but I don't know why the homemade VCD don't work !! The worse is that my homemade VCD work perfectly on a friend DVD player (a PIONNEER DVD PLAYER, not a computer one).

Please can you tell me why the VCD don't work on my DVD player.

-- KROUX (, February 23, 2002


Avez-vous fait le VCD correctement? Peut-être votre machine ne peut pas jouer CD-R à cause des lasers différents.

-- Erwin (personne@...), February 23, 2002.

There are lots of little reasons why your VCD won't play on your Philips but they being aware of it you can upgrade your Philips firmware to take care of the problem. How to, I don't know; but in RossMcC did mention something about firmware upgrades to his Philips player to make SVCD playback less troublesome. It's either this or buy a Pioneer or that wondrous inexpensive progressive scan JVC player XV-60/62/65.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, February 23, 2002.

Je veux bien upgrader mon firmware de 6.25 a 9.25 mais j'ai peur que mon lecteur dvd ne soit plus multizone apres la modification.

In English : I want to upgrade the firmware of my DVD player. My actual firmware is 6.25 (DVD Player bought in 1998) but I wonder if changing firmaware will let the region free on my player.

-- KROUX (, February 24, 2002.

1-your nero software dint work for any brand name dvd 2-roxio works with any brand name dvd with vcd cd cd-r and cd-rw gooluck friend

-- lampham (, February 24, 2002.

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