Y'all got some favorite movies???

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I am looking at curling up in front of the woodstove with some videos tonight, was wondering what some of your favorite movies are? Since the boys will be home too, guess they need to be ok for them as well!

-- Lynn in Wa. (crabbyfiddler@earthlink.net), February 23, 2002


Rat Race, O Brother, Osmosis Jones, Cats and Dogs

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), February 23, 2002.

Good all around movies safe for any age? October Sky, Phenomon, Michael, Forever Young, Turner and Hooch, You've Got Mail,Elizabeth, Patriot, Hook, Sandlot, First Knight, Mask of Zorro, A Knights Tale, Never Ending Story, Princess Bride, Dragon Heart, Matilda, Babe, Shrek, Milo and Otis, Bean, Austin Powers I & II, Amadaus, Godzilla (the old ones), Witches, Etc . . . The list goes on. These are some of the ones we own and love. There are so many good ones. What type do you and the kids like? Almost forgot, Ghandi This is really good in helping them to understand some of the world politics of today with India and Pakistan.

Enjoy! Susan

-- Susan in Minnesota (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), February 23, 2002.

NEVER CRY WOLF (if you can find it)

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (cobwoman@yahoo.com), February 24, 2002.

Thanks Susan that reminded me of another one. Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, Dances With Wolves, and Little Big Man. Shame on you Susan for forgetting that one. I guess sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't!!! LOL

-- The other one (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), February 24, 2002.

Too funny Nanaboo in Minnahoo! I have so many favs, and Never Cry Wolf was the first one to come to mind. Guess that means it needs to be watched again. Ahhhhh, naked man running across the tundra in pursuit of caribou, not to kill, but to admire. He wasn't hungry enough to hunt, he was full on mice. NOTE: please realize the attitudes about wolves in that movie is outdated. Farley Mohat ROCKS.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (cobwoman@yahoo.com), February 24, 2002.

Oooooohhhh! Naked men running across tundra? I gotta get that movie. I hope I can tell the difference between the men and the caribou. Has it been that long?????

Other movies I thought of; Jaramiah (sp) Johnson, Grizzly Adams, Tumble Weeds (good mother dayghter movie). Man from Snowy River.

This could be an on going thread.

-- It's me!!!!!! (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), February 25, 2002.

Susan, Dances with wolves, Kevin Costner is running naked also.

-- Sherry (tlnifty@ecenet.com), February 25, 2002.

Thank-you all for the suggestions--we did watch Dances with Wolves, and Turner and Hooch--( much to my 16 year olds disdain!! :) ). I have made a list of the others suggested- I had totally forgotten about some of them, and am on the prowl to see if I can't find a few at the pawn shops or thrift stores to add to our collection here. I think though Susan that after working where I work, one more naked man running around hardly brings a yawn to me anymore! Sad as that is! LOL

-- Lynn in Wa. (crabbyfiddler@earthlink.net), February 25, 2002.

I almost forgot to ask if anyone has seen Sommersby, with Richard Gere and Jodie Foster??? Not exactly a younger kids movie, but my older kids and I love to pull that out and watch it on occassion. It is a wonderful movie! Got to have a box of tissues ( or roll of toilet paper! ) for the ending though.

-- Lynn in Wa. (crabbyfiddler@earthlink.net), February 25, 2002.

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