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I have a Canon AE-1 program and a Vivitar 28-210 Macro Zoom lens which came as one set when I purchased the camera long back.

I remember to have properly mounted the vivtar lens before ( few years back ) and taken pictures, but now I am trying to use the lens after a long time, but am having the following problems

1. Lens won't seat properly until the aperture ring is in the "A" position 2. Once the lens is locked, I can't turn it to any of the manual aperture settings 3. I still feel the lens is not locked since my camera click does not go through completely

Am I missing something during mounting the lens ? Not sure how I used it long back. The vivitar lens has a ring which has to be turned to mount it on the camera.

Thanks Kamesh

-- Kameshwara Rao (, February 23, 2002

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