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In Psalms we read that "The fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God.'" Certainly this includes the atheist, but it isn't restricted to them. Anyone who says IN HIS or HER HEART that there is no God qualifies. They may be in church and praising the Lord with their lips, but what do they say in their heart, that unseen part of them also known as the soul? The mind, the will, and the emotions?

Do you really in your heart of hearts believe God exists? If you do, you'll fear (have a holy reverence and a healthy respect for) Him. A revelation of God Very God will DRIVE you to act in certain ways. You'll be so motivated to serve and know Him that nothing else will matter. A true understanding of God can result in nothing else. If you really believed God existed, you'd know it would be nuts to consider yourself anything besides His absolute slave, and you'd be thrilled to bear that title. Obedience would be no problem.

But too often it is, isn't it? Us church people don't know God as we should, and we have little or no fear. We act accordingly too. We act accordingly, think accordingly, and show it in our attitudes. And even if we're good at hiding things, we know good and well what's going on, unseen, in our souls. Too many of us aren't Spirit driven people. We're reason driven, or even demon driven. Yes, even though a Christian cannot be demon possessed, we can easily be demon influenced, or deceived by them. If these things were not the case, the book of Acts would be seen every day in our lives, churches, and communities.

This weekend let's engage in some time of introspection and more importantly, repentance. Repent vicariously for your church and community as well. Then press in to the the presence of the Almighty. You'll find you don't struggle with the flesh nearly as much because you're driven. You've seen His Glory.

-- Anonymous, February 23, 2002

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