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I'd like to get any opinion on the 360 Imagon as compared to the other soft focus portrait lenses....

-- Kevin Whitcomb (photokev@mindspring.com), February 22, 2002


I have the Imagon 300mm for shooting portraits and still lifes on 5x7. I prefer the 5x7 format for these purposes. I know this isn't really what you're asking, so: The Imagon is a great lens. It's one of the three or four high quality pictorial lenses that are reasonably available. Other good bets would are the Wollensak Verito and the Kodak Portrait Lens. The latter is easier to find in good condition for a reasonable price. I'm very happy with my Imagon. Wouldn't bother walking across the street to get another. These lenses are "harder" to use than conventional sharp lenses. Takes a lot of trial and error. For portraiture, however, these lenses are the only choice. I have a lot more information; inquire privately, if you wish. -jb

-- jeff buckels (jeffbuck@swcp.com), February 23, 2002.

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