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i have spottet signs of fungus in my 85-300 soligor lens. it wasn't very expensive nor does it make great pictures, but its macro-function at 300 mm is fun from time to time. my question is, can i do something agains the fungus and even more important, is there any danger of "infection" for i.e. a camera when mounted to it?

-- akira dick (, February 22, 2002


I had a Vivitar 85-205mm zoom, made of metal. It was an older FL lens, and developed fungus in one of the lens elements. Against all advise, I took it apart and cleaned the lens with normal lens cleaning solution (probably methanol), put it back together, and it worked fine. It took me several tries to get it apart, and luckily the critical parts were mostly metal.

While I don't know about your lens, I think it may be possible. By the way, this lens did not "infect" any other lens that I used on the camera, nor the camera.


-- John Ratliff (, March 07, 2002.

the fungus actually is grow 'IN' the coating on the glass inside your lens. you can't fix it without taking the coating off and regriding it and essentially pay about 15x the value of the lense to 'maybe' fix it. not worth it.

the fungus is encouraged by damp environments. so to slow the growth make sure you store it in a dry, cool environment. this should also prevent any growth on your non-infected equipement.

good luck. dew.

-- daniel warpeha (, April 03, 2002.

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