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In Mark we read of Jesus' journey to heal the daughter of Jairus. His trip was interupted by a woman with a flow of blood, who was healed by touching the hem of His garment.

Then the report was brought from Jairus' house: His daughter was dead. PTL, Jesus ignored the report. He had His own agenda and that report was not consistent with it. Jesus ignored reality. The girl REALLY WAS dead. But that just didn't matter. Why? Because Jesus can change reality according to His will. He can change the natural law that states "once we're dead, we're dead forever".

And that is what He did. As we face circumstances we need to find out what Jesus' agenda is in our situation. It doesn't matter what the situation appears to be, or even what it really is. Jesus will accomplish what He wants. We need to ensure that we remain in the center of His will. In that place there exists an umbrella of protection that even reality cannot penetrate.

Are you living in the center of His will today?

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2002

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