Who is an actual candidate and is actively campaigning?

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Has anyone seen any campaigns started? How do the candidates look? Will they be short or longer term servants if elected?

Looking for your insights

God Bless You

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002


Dr.Sarah F. Davis (Bethel, San Antonio, 10) has actually kicked off her campaign. She will be raising a web site soon, and as soon as I find it, I will link it to the Candidates web site that I have collated. Her campaign colors appear to be Red, White and Blue (the colors of the Texas flag as well), and ther eis printed in her literature "Texas Now".

The last bishop elected from Texas was George B. Young in 1928, who served for 20 years. Texas is currently led by McKinley Young (109), in his first term there.

Rev. James E. Arnell (St. John, Montgomery, 9) also appears to have announced, as has Rev. Vernon S. Burroughs (St. Paul, Berkeley, 5). Rev. Burroughs indicated at the Christian Educatoin COnvocation in texas in 2000 that he was running.

I have not yet seen any other literature. Check the above web site for announced candidates. Any corroborating and enhancing data is appreciated.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2002

I want to put a plug in for the gentlemen who are the candidates from the NATION STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, the 7th Episcopal District.

1. The Rev. Dr. Allen W. Parrott, Presiding Elder of the Kingstree District in the Palmetto Annual Conference; Christian Education Director for the 7th; (has a website, Kingstree District AMEC)

2. The Rev. Dr. John H. Gillison, Presiding Elder of the Edisto District in the SC Annual Conference; Statistician for the 7th;

3. The Rev. Dr. Julius McAlister, Pastor, Mt. Zion AME Church, Florence, SC; Chairman, Board of Examiners, NE Annual Conference;

4. The Rev. Dr. William Smith, Jr., Pastor, Mother Emanuel AME Church, Charleston, SC; Chairman, Board of Examiners, SC Conference;

5. The Rev. Dr. Daniel L. Simmons, Pastor, Olive Branch AME Church; Mt. Pleasant, SC

Each of these gentlemen have declared their candidacy and will be like the other candidates, attending Annual Conferences and Episcopal District Meetings, soliticing support for their campaigns.

-- Anonymous, February 22, 2002

On the African continent there will be at least one candidate from each Episcopal District, accept for the nineteenth where four candidates have indicated their interest. As for me I am only aware of thwo candidates that have commenced their campaign. These are the Rev. Dr. Wilfred Messias, Pastor of Mokoena AME Church, Pimvile, Soweto, johannesburg, SA (19th Episcopal District) and the Rev. Andrew Lewin, Pastor of Bethel AME Church, Athlone, Cape Town SA (15th Episcopal District).

-- Anonymous, February 26, 2002

I received mail last week from Rev. Sidney F. Bryant, pastor of Payne Chapel, Nashville, TN (13). The return address was to the "Bryant in 2004" committee. I accept this as evidence of an announced campaign.

-- Anonymous, February 27, 2002

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Greetings in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I am Rev Royd Mwandu,in Zambia, informing you that the Campaign of Rev N.Jordan Mkwanazi for Bishop 2004 has started in earnest.

As Campaign Manager for our able and sanctified candidate, i would like to inform you that Rev N.Jordan Mkwanazi is the most prefered candidate for Bishopric 2004 and is standing on the express ticket of the"Sensational" 17th Seventeenth Episcopal District here in Africa. He has among other things an excellent profile which the Episcopal District has been looking out for in the process of leadership indigenisation.

He is currently, the Senior Pastor of Bethel AME Church in Dallas,Texas in the US and his family is ready to come and reside in Africa soon after being elected Bishop in the year 2004. We thank God for calling his man,Rev N.Jordan Mkwanazi and for having His way in our district now more than ever before. The process of indigenisation of leadership in AMEC in Zambia is taking a Holistic approach. Please, Brethren take this as official notification and pray for our able and most prefered candidate for the high office. I will be keeping you updated and may God richly bless you.

website : http://www.mkwanaziforbishop.org Rev Royd Mwandu

-- Anonymous, January 03, 2003

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