Ebony all-weather focusing cloth

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Hey folks. I've been lurking here since buying my first large format system back in Dec (Tachihara, 4x5) and I've got a dark cloth question for you all. I've read the archives for answers to the "what's the best dark cloth" question and have seen all the BTZS tube/old t-shirt/horse blanket with velcro answers but I didn't see any opinions on the Ebony cloth. It looks like the built in frame would make a handy lens shade and the fact that it's meant to cover the whole camera would be handy in the rain (last Sunday here in Boston). Has anyone tried it? Do you like it? Does it catch too much wind?

Thanks, Dean

-- Dean Cookson (cookson@nedod.org), February 21, 2002


Dean, I use the regular version of the ebony cloth - smaller and without the plastic lens shade inserts. This version is small and folds up into a tiny, lightweight package - it will easily stuff into a deep trouser pocket!! It is VERY dark underneath and comes with velcro attached to provide a seal. It is the same rainproof material as the larger version and still big enough to pull out over the lens as a shade (the Ebony lens shade clip comes in handy!). Its great not to have to carry my old cloth which is HEAVY when compared to the ebony.

-- paul owen (paulowen_2000@yahoo.com), February 21, 2002.

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