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I need to hear from the Young Adults of the Church -- How do you see the RAYAC or a Connectional Young Adult organization functioning in the AME Church (purpose, structure, etc.) This will help me in my bid for running for President of the RAYAC?

-- Anonymous, February 21, 2002


Dear Bro. Greetings,The RAYAC as stipulated in the new discipline is not able to function in most congregations in Cape Town south Africa. It is not that attempts are not made but the old system where the RAYC was an umbrella body of youth organisations was more feasible for us.I know that there was attempts made to communicate this by various officers from Africa but it seems as if the massage has not got through. I am raising this concern because I have witnessed the struggle to get this organisation off the ground. We have strong Allen Christian Fellowships and this is the "normal" youth gathering. I hope that if you are elected you could do something to address the concern that so many people in Cape Town South Africa has raised.

God bless you


-- Anonymous, February 27, 2002

In the 19th Episcopal District we have a strong and functional RAYAC, which is a young adult organisation that was launched following the 1996 General Conference which passed legislation to effect the change from the RAYC as an overseeing body to RAYAC, a young adult organisation. This caters particularly for young adults in the age group 26 - 39 years of age. The RAYAC of the 19th District has achieved great success in retaining young adults in the church as it provided them with a platform to actively participate in the affairs of our church. In our opinion we view the RAYAC as a feeder organisation to the senior societies of the church, e.g Missionary society, Lay organisation, etc. I need to highlight that the success of RAYAC in our district was largely to the support of Bishop Henning during his time in the 19th (1996-2000), and currently our Bishop Adam J Richardson, Jr. in their understanding and appreciation of the dynamics that face people, especially after graduating from the YPD. We currently operate on a structure that begins from the local church, through the Presiding Elder District, to Annual Conference and the Episcopal level. We hold conference conventions and an annual Episcopal Convention at which all our conferences meet to consolidate our activities for the following year, etc. Our activities have turned to be successful as we have continued to use standing committee functions as indicated in the conctitution of the RAYAC in the Book of Doctrine and Discipline (2000).

-- Anonymous, March 01, 2002

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