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would like to hear experieces with this machine.....are you content with e6 process? i tried with cpp/cpe machines...and never i was able to have a real neutral color with e6. so i bought now a used ATL1000 machine for 750$ and i hope this will work well. the people which sold me the machine are saying that they never have used temperated water....and their results have been great. the service from jobo is telling that temperated water is absolutely you have experiences around? thanks for sharing...

-- rainer viertlböck (, February 21, 2002


I'd say tempered water is a must, but it has nothing to do with which machine you use. It has everything to do with the process. I use an ATL2 and don't sweat temperature all that much for b&w (wash water is sometimes colder than chemistry) but E-6 is critical. Maybe the temperature is throwing off your neutrals. Or the film itself is not neutral. Or the chemistry you use. I fail to see how a machine that inherently works like all the other models they sell can have an effect on color balance.

-- Rob Tucher (, February 21, 2002.

Even on a consistent E-6 line in a Pro lab, if you are really critical of the correct color balance, you still have to use Color Correction filters over your taking lens for neutral colored slides. Color balance varies from one batch of film to another.

-- Andre Noble (, February 21, 2002.

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