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My original plan to make a ULF pinhole for 16x20 paper negatives which I posted earlier has changed. While looking far and wide for a suitable box I at long last came across one four inches shorter than I was looking for that would handle 12x20 arched perfectly to reduce the expected distortion at the film's edges. The box is one of the ones my computer came in and looks like a holstien cow. Would this make it a 'digital' pinhole? Have I at long last discovered the future of imaging? Can anyone recommend a source for 12x20 film? Thanks!

-- John Kasaian (, February 20, 2002


hi john You might give the Photo Warehouse a call. They will cut flm to any size you want. While the box doesn't say Ilford FP4, it is the exact same stuff at about 1/2 the cost. 800-922-5484. xman

-- xman (, February 20, 2002.

You can reliably get HP5+ at 12X20 from A View Camea Store in Arizona. They have a web site. Be prepared for sticker shock: $205 for a box of 25, but compare Tri-X (if they ever have it) at $275 a box!


-- Nathan Congdon (, February 21, 2002.

Thank you all! I understand the HP5+ in 12x20 is no longer a stock item and must be special ordered. Bergger BPF200 is 177.95 at B&H. I'll contact Photo Warehouse too. Thank you once again----John

-- John Kasaian (, February 21, 2002.


You can save yourself an awful lot of money by using paper negatives, at least to start. I'm not sure there is any single weight paper available in that size (it would be worth calling Freestyle though and asking) but you can get away with using double weight paper.

-- Erik Ryberg (, February 21, 2002.

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