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I currently own an EOS30 and I like to purchase a wide angle zoom lens (at least 24mm) to go with it. Could all you kind souls out there please give comments on the following lens or recommend other such lens? Heard that the new Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 EX DG is pretty good can some users comment please.

Cannon 24-85mm f3.5/4.5 Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 EX DG Tamaron 24-135 f3.5/5.6

-- Johann G (, February 20, 2002


I've already answered this question on another forum with a strong recommendation for the 24-85USM.

-- Isaac Sibson (, February 20, 2002.

Do yourself a favour and avoid the low end Sigma lenses and all Tamrons. The AF speed is pathetic, and they are noisy. I'm not mentioning anything about their reliability and quality control either.

-- Anthony (, February 28, 2002.

Agreed with the 24-85mm Canon. Nice range. The Tamron 28-200 is a nice lens, however it and others (which I no longer own) are definitely *loud* focusing, especially when compared to a USM from Canon.

-- Keith (, March 10, 2002.

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