"A true angel"

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My head is blank
but, I have so much to say
pages go unwritten
day after day

wings on my back
with a halo over my head
giving without recieving
to watch over a childs bed

duties come first
never my needs
I am looked upon
for my good deeds

but if by chance
I decide to fall
are you goin to be someone
for me at all

-- Bekula (magenta@rhps.com), February 20, 2002


that is not an easy question to ask for all you know is in the past To be so loyal and true to task takes faith in man and mine is cast

you cannot stop my woundering mind i wish i could it'd be divine each day it traps me in a bind but i keep going like everything's fine

my loyalty has never strayed but still alone i sit and wait for someont who i've always prayed but never comes it must be fate

chance i see is always here see their faith is very vast but when i say i'm not in clear will you come quick, be true, and last?

-- Steavo (Pennywise_balloon@hotmail.com), February 21, 2002.

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