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Please help me. I got this slideshow thing and the files come out .ixa and i want to convert that to put on a cd. if u have any advise please tell me!!!!!!!!!!! THANX

-- Sieve (, February 19, 2002


You can Use Ulead Movie Factory to burn it, which supports burnprrof tech, it does not support Justlink support.

Hope I was of any Help

-- JPG (, May 11, 2002.

What ya need to do is get isobuster (any ver.) locate your .ixa file with it and then use the extract image mode to create a .bin file. Once you have thet file you need to create a .cue file which is the information file, ya can do it by writing it in notepad like this: FILE "image-name.BIN" BINARY TRACK 1 MODE2/2352 INDEX 1 00:00:00

"image-name.BIN" being the name of the image file (IWDII.BIN, CIV3.BIN and so on...) and after youve got that ya gotta change the .txt extension into .cue after this all you do is just burn it with CDRWIN or NERO =^_^=

-- Mick Plissken (, June 27, 2003.

I found the answer given by extremely useful. First - as suggested here - use IsoBuster to extract the actual CD image from the ixa monstrosity. Then export it to BIN, but give the exported image the extension *.iso. Then use NTI CD-Maker to burn it onto CD. Thus no need to create .cue files. (Useful for VCD and SVCD.)

-- Uri (, August 22, 2003.

This method absolutely does NOT work for me; I created a simple (two- track) VCD in ULead MovieFactory 2.10 SE, and while burning to a disc, saved as a disc image (ixa) file. The disc that was burned by MovieFactory 2 SE works in the DVD players as expected; hit 1, first MPG plays, hit 2, second MPG plays.

I then used ISOBuster 1.5 to load the IXA (everything appears to be visable), and export (I actually did two tests on described methods, one to bin/cue rewriting the cue, and another raw to iso). Using Nero to burn the files to CD/RW, I get a VCD which plays the title card created in MovieFactory 2 SE, but will NOT play the MPGs pointed to by this card.

Either I've done something terribly wrong, or ISOBuster isn't pulling something out of the IXA file that's needed.

I'm going to set up some controlled tests over the next day or so with small files (for some stupid reason, I've been mucking around with two half-hour MPEG-1 files) and try different methods and burners (VCDEasy, for example) to see if I can pinpoint where my experience differs so wildly from the other postings here.


-- Charlie Summers (, December 01, 2003.

all i did waz xtract the vcd.ixa with iso buster and then burn the AVSEQ01.dat file which waz in the DESKTOP\VCD_040114\MPEGAV WITH NERO IN VCD MODE AND PLAYERS FINE IN MY STAND UP DIVX PLAYER :D



-- cdkatt (, January 14, 2004.

If you simply want to create a disc out of .ixa file, you can just use the Ulead VCD/DVD Disc Image Recorder. It's a separate program but it should have been included when you installed Ulead Movie factory.

-- tv (, May 01, 2004.

VCDgear 3.0 (surprisingly!) works great. Choose 'raw (track image) -> mpeg' then 'load' and choose 'all files' (the other option besides the default '*.raw') then select your .ixa file, and choose an appropriate name for the output (vcd.mpg is the default).


-- RG Goudy (, May 06, 2004.

I just discovered it's so much easier than a conversion - look for a 'convert' directory - ULead leaves an mpeg file behind that it uses to create the .ixa


-- RG Goudy (, May 06, 2004.

I know a guy who used to burn vcd movies through nero and when he put them into his home dvd player he had to press the skip back button on the menu for them to start playing.

-- the_mentor (, June 14, 2004.

Use Burn Now, it's part of the Ulead Suite. The instructions are in the Burn Now Acrobat file installed with the programme. Tokk some finding but it realy is the ideal solution.


-- Andrew Hoole (, August 15, 2004.

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