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I am curious to know if the Summicron-R 180MM F/2 has a good reputation and what are the optical quality of this lens. Thanks. Jean-Pierre Auger, Montréal, Canada.

-- Jean-Pierre Auger (, February 19, 2002


It has a *spectacular* reputation. The quality is mind-boggling. So is the price and the weight. Since you're going to NYC, stop in at The Photo Village...I believe Rich still has one. I handled it when I was there, it's an awesome lens...looks a bit like a Questar telescope ;>)

-- Jay (, February 19, 2002.

Hopefully the only lens you'll ever need, because it'll be the only one you can pack.

-- Ken Shipman (, February 19, 2002.

Outstanding, in fact it is meant to be of equal quality to the 180mm 2.8 APO, in itself probably the best lens in the R line.

-- Robin Smith (, February 20, 2002.

I've only played with one in a store - but it was memorable. The focusing is exquisitely engineered for use with the finger tips. The image in the viewfinder was beautiful and snapped in and out of focus effortlessly. Me and my colleague (also a leicaist) were spell bound - he immediately started plotting a way to afford one. I would of thought it would make a wonderful lens for portraiture and fashion (as well as sports etc etc)

-- Steve (, February 20, 2002.

An incredible lens. You will get used to the weight but never used to the apo quality. Ken Hansen (212 3170923) has a used one in New York. Go visit him.

-- Albert Knapp MD (, February 20, 2002.

The Noctilux of the R system.


But a Noctilux better than the Summicron 50...

-- Lucien (, February 20, 2002.

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