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I previously posted a query on this subject, but it needs updating. We are now much closer to getting this movie made! We plan on filming it late this summer, but, in the meantime, the research continues....

I am searching for the descendents or any other living relatives of all those who participated in the original Axe Theft of 15 April 1899 between U.C. Berkeley and Stanford in San Francisco. Here are the names of those involved, along with a brief blurb on the person:

* Alexander Adler — graduated from Cal in 1902, went on to become a medical student

* Tadini Joseph Bacigalupi — graduated from Cal in 1902, became an attorney in the lawfirm of Bacigalupi & Elkus in San Francisco, president of the San Francisco Bar Association, married Ruby Manassa, had a son named Tadini Bacigalupi Jr.

* Coleman Broughton — graduated from Cal in 1900

* Everett John Brown — graduated from Cal in 1898, became a prominent Bay Area lawyer, married Winifred Osborne

* Paul Roetter Castelhun — graduated from Cal in 1900, became a prominent surgeon and doctor at St. Luke's Hospital, he was my own great-grandfather

* Archibald Jeter Cloud — graduated from Cal in 1900, became deputy superintendent of San Francisco schools and President Emeritus of San Francisco City College

* Frederick Gerber Dorety — graduated from Cal in 1900, went to Harvard Law School and then practiced in Seattle, WA, he was also the vice president of the Great Northern Railroad, he had a son named Lawrence Gerber Dorety who died in Sacramento in 1954

* William Pierpont Drum — served in the Spanish American War, graduated from Cal in 1900, became an engineer for Southern Pacific Railroad, married Kathryn Mullin

* William Erb — graduated from Stanford, later became a broker in New York

* Gilman — unknown first name, graduated from Stanford, football player

* Joe Hamilton — graduated from Stanford, later a successful advertiser in Chicago, IL

* Carl Trumbull Hayden — graduated from Stanford, went back to Phoenix, AZ, where he became senator up until he retired in 1966, he married Nan Downing, but I don't believe there were any children, maybe one of his sisters had children

* James Marie Hopper — graduated from Cal in 1909, born in Paris, France, and died in 1956 in Carmel, married Mrs. Elayne Chanslor, became a novelist, story writer, and war correspondent

* Tom McFadden — graduated from Stanford, by 1927 he was an attorney in Southern California

* John Anthony McGee — graduated from Cal in 1899, later became the military governor of Guam in World War I, and later an attorney in San Francisco, had a wife named Janet, and a daughter named Elizabeth Ann Reilly

* Clinton Ellis Miller — graduated from Cal in 1900, became a school principal, developer of land around California, and director of Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

* Harry Clay Morison — graduated from Cal in 1900, became a lawyer in San Francisco, married Emilie Marie Louise Champreux, had two children, his son William W. Morison owned land in Alamo, CA, and was married to a Virginia Fenton (children Judith and Nancy)

* Irwin Johnston Muma — graduated from Cal in 1900, married Alice Ena Cutherbertson Hicks, had two children John and Jane

* Allan Raymond Powers — graduated from Cal in 1901, studied forestry at Yale, became a doctor in Tracy, CA, died in 1969

* Charles Pringle — graduated from Cal

* Charles Robert Sessions — graduated from Cal in 1901, became a naval architect and a civil engineer for Peltori Water Wheel Company, died in San Francisco in 1964

* Strout — first name unknown, graduated from Stanford, hurdler, later a manager of a San Francisco mining company

Please contact me if you have any information on these men or the whereabouts of their families today. I can be reached at or 415-883-0415.

Scott Trimble

-- Scott Trimble (, February 19, 2002


When I glanced through the list, the name that stood out like a sore thumb above all the others was that of Bacigalupi. Once you see or hear that name, you will never forget it if you ever see it again. Why, because I once met and did some business with a Bacigalupi like what seems like 50 years ago. There are not that many of them and I suggest that you look in the San Francisco Directory and call them and ask them since there will probably only be one or two of such names listed. Secondly, I believe that Tadini Bacigalupi's sister married Russell Cantrell who was a fairly well-known attorney in San Francisco during the early 1900s. And by the way, I don't think that there are that many Cantrell's in San Francisco either so you might check the SF directory and call the one or two Cantrell's you might find listed if calling the Bacigulupis don't hit pay dirt.-- I have definitely seen the name and at least one photo of James Hopper who was a football player at Cal as well as a noted writer who became part of the Bohemian Carmelite squad of writers and artists in Carmel.-- I don't know much about genealogy research but some of those people on the list are fairly prominent so what you can do is check with the local newspapers like that good for nothing toilet rag of a paper called the Chronicle for obituaries. If those people made the obituaries then it will often times tell who the survivors are. Maybe that good for nothing Chronicle can be good for something after all even if it is on death.-- I know a Peter Adler of Berkeley whose father I think is a medical doctor but I don't know if he is related. However, he does have a popular Web site on music with lots of software downloads so you might check it out and email him.-- You might also just check in the local city directories and if there are not too many people, just phone them up. I did that once to locate an old friend in Los Angeles who had the same first name as about a dozen other people and I hit paydirt after the fifth call. In order to save money, I used a free Internet long distance phone calling service called Dialpad but there was also another one that allowed you to dial directly as a regular phone call so that there would not be any time delay but I don't know if it they still exist and I don't even remember the name of the other one anymore since I haven't used it in a long time. I just remember it was really good and clear though it had a thing that you had to click on every three minutes or so to reset the timer to keep the call going. I would think that there would still be such things on the net.-- Maybe I'll look at some of the other names and the names you mentioned inside the bios more closely some other day to see if they ring a bell.

-- Harry Murphy (*), February 24, 2002.

The query above is still current, but I have new contact information. My new phone number is 310-528-1241, and new website address is Thanks!

-- Scott Trimble (, June 21, 2004.

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