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I have an essay due tomorrow, a poetry explication. I chose to do E. A. Poe's "evening Star". The minimal length for the essay must be two pages and I have only one page. I'm writing about the speaker, imagery, and the symbolism of the poem. If anyone could add thier input or sites that could help me understand more about these areas and allow me to be able to add more to my essay I would really appreciate it. Please, I'm desperate Thank you. Mary

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002


you could have asked me you know. of course, that is if you hadn't betrayed me and what it came down to left me to die. I doubt you thought of that, but thats just the point. I ment so little to you after all the lies were taken away that you didnt care that everything i had done was for you. I could give you an answer, but that was ten months ago. no doubt youve found it or failed. love, Eric.

-- Anonymous, December 24, 2002

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