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Hi Folks,

I have recently purchased two WA Dagors, a 6 1/2" and a 4 3/8", both are coated, and high serial numbers with black rims, mounted in Ilex 3 shutters. In my search for these lenses I saw a number of gold-rim WA Dagors mounted in Compur 1 shutters, which were much more expensive, and also older. Aside from the shutter, are the differences in quality or design between the regular and the gold-rom WA Dagors?

Thanks in Advance,


-- Jason Sanford Greenberg (, February 18, 2002


Jason, I'm dis-appointed. I'd like to know too. The Nagaoka is waiting, was windy every day last weekend, and finally it snowed on Sunday PM. Maybe the coming weekend. Jim

-- Jim Galli (, February 20, 2002.

I believe there is no difference between regular Dagors and gold rim Dagors, other than the fact that the front element cell was finished in gold finished brass rather than black. I've heard it might have been a marketing ploy employed after WW-2 when sales of the earlier line were falling.

The Gold dot Dagor is a different kettle of fish. These were supposedly built after Goerz divised a very precise centering machine. They may also have re-designed the lens. These (especially the last ones made at Kern) are reputed to be extremely good lenses.

Cheers, DJ.

-- N Dhananjay (, February 20, 2002.


I can't comment specifically on W.A. Dagors. However I have both a Gold Rim Dagor and the black rim version of the regular f/6.8 Dagors. The black rim version has a higher serial number and a different colored coating. From what I have gleaned after reading numerous posts, the black rim versions may have been sold to the military. The lenses are basically the same except for the cosmetic difference. Both my lenses are very sharp and have excellent contrast. For a more detailed explanation look back under the classic lens threads to a listing "C.P Goerz Lens" dated June 1999. Henry Stanley has some very detailed information on Goerz lenses including WA Dagors and their variations

Hope this helps,

Scott Sharp

-- Scott Sharp (, February 24, 2002.

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