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I just skimmed through all of the Countryside "stuff". I don't think it will be too hard to set up another site if anyone wants to! You can set one up on Lusenet in about 20 minutes. Just put in a title and invite people!!!

The hard part is categorizing threads, which I have about given up on... Doesn't take much brain work, just a little time. So I do believe there will be another forum started.

Some have e-mailed that they feel there may be an influx here and some of the same nasty stuff that happens at Cs wil occur. Don't worry, I will check in often and I will delete anything that I feel is questionable. I am not going to debate people on what will be on here, it is up to me as far as I am concerned. Sorry that sounds a little harsh, but I have clear objectives for this forum!

Although I do check in at CS, so much of it isn't relevent to me, that I often only read 1 of 10 threads. I don't understand why he says it will be deleted, as there is an option under the administration to just stop people from posting new questions and answers, thus everything could be left, with a thread at the top stating that the forum is available for information but not accepting new input. That is what I would probably do.

I am having trouble with my Hotmail acount, if I try to reply to any messages there, it closes down!!!! So to answer anyone I have to forward it to my other e-mail, wait for it to show up, then reply, or write down the address and go to my other e-mail. So I apologize for not answering all of you. I thought I had it fixed, but it is doing it again today... UGH computers, I will never figure them out!!! I just don't have the time to do it today, but will try again tomorrow.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, February 18, 2002


Melissa, I am having the same problem with my yahoo address. Getting scripting errors and the whole thing. yeah, really wondering about the archive thing, actually made me pretty angry cause I knew that it was not necessary. Melissa, just wanted you to know, I really like your style!!

-- diane (, February 18, 2002.

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