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I have a celeron 200mhz PC. I want to make and edit my home videos. What type of softweres and hardwere divices used to make it.

-- sanjeev (, February 18, 2002


A celeron 200 mhz is pretty weak for editing programs. You will also need tons of hard drive space. I just added a 40 gig hard drive for video editing alone. You will also want to have a firewire card to import digital video. Hope this helps.

-- Mark (, February 18, 2002.

The method depends on the camera you have. If you have a camera with IEEE 1394/Firewire port, you need a Firewire card in your computer. If your camera is an older model, you need a video capture card. These have a Composite or s video input. Either way you can use a capture software (like VirtualDub)to capture the input into your PC. Higher the resolution, more CPU and HD is needed. With a Celeron 200, you will not be able to capture at any decent resolution. The postprocessing is also CPU intensive and can run into days.

-- RS (, February 21, 2002.


Welcome you join the club and enter the multimedia world. Get a much higher Pentium CPU speed (prefer 1Ghz and above) and minimum 40Ghz, you will enjoy more funs in the near future when things get excited. Trust me !!


-- SY CHAI (, June 14, 2002.

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