Color Processors??? : LUSENET : Large format photography : One Thread the digital revolution is here, well hell with it.... I don't CARE!!!!! I'm 26 and plan on printing the old way my whole life... no matter what!!! I am looking for a color processor, does anyone have any experience/advice??? Of course I dream of having a 30"...

-- mando morlos (, February 18, 2002



Following options:

Drumprocessor: you can develop film and paper in them. JOBO's are basically Drums rotated in a tempered waterbath. The biggest drum can hold a 20x24" print.

Slotprocessor: just to make prints, more or less vertical trays, several models available.

Rollertransport: just to make prints, paper is pulled automatically trhough the machine, several models listed on the JOBO website.


-- Huib Smeets (, February 18, 2002.

Go Mando

I have an ICP-42 which processes Ilfochrome, RA-4 and B&W. Its very handy to have if you do much Ilfochroming, but they only go to 16 x 20 inch. If you want to make a couple dozen (or more) prints per week (or per night!), these or similar roller machines are the ONLY way to go in my opinion. For smaller quantities they arent worth the trouble, because the chemicals will go bad before you use them up (about a week). If you want to know more about this type machine just ask

the problem you get when you get into larger roller-transport machines like a Kreonite 30 incher, is that they probably use large quantities of chems so the problem mentioned above is exacerbated. Drums are great for small quantities, and size is not a problem. After a few years you might get tired of drumming it though, like I did

Analog till I die,


-- Wayne (, February 18, 2002.

Bought a used 3-tank durst printo a few months ago. Love it. New York dealers sell Tetenal 10L RA=4 kits for $35-40. You can afford to mix the 2.5L this machine takes for each tank and throw it away when you're done and still come out okay. but I've found that this stuff holds up well stored in airless 2-liter coke bottles. Like 6 weeks plus. Add a little fresh and off you go. My printo is the 12" model, but I think they have a 24". Dream of the big one if you will, but this is a very practical, very real way to go for cheap. Mine was less than $600. Replenishent and wash-water flow are easy hook ups, but not described in the instructions. I'd be happy to share my suggestions. Roger Stevens

-- Roger Stevens (, February 20, 2002.


I bought a 3 year old HOPE 20" roller transport processor used for $3000. It's happiest when it is running and running and running. I print for a handful of photographers who shoot medium format panorama negatives. I project them onto a vertical wall and make up to 20"x60" prints from 300' rolls of color paper. The Hope is an excellent machine for this type of work. It is a roller transport processor and is computer controlled for such things as chemical temperature and automatic replenishment.

best of luck,

Andy Baugnet

-- Andrew Baugnet (, April 07, 2002.

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