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Poe came to SOUTH CAROLINA when he was in the army it was there he fell in love with a 13 year old girl named ANNABEL LEE who is part of a ghost story dose any one have more info?

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002


From Thomas Ollive Mabbot's book there is a single source to this legend that stands rather alone as a sentimental explanation that might not be far from the truth. In an obituary a baby named "Annabel Lee" died whose mother Mary Leland(married name)was that childhood acquaintance you mentioned. If so she wouldn't have been the only one Poe was selling the idea of inspiration to. There were several other women which goes to show the poem is an emblematic masterpiece of Poe's main themes more than just standing for some individual, his wife being the original and best fit in my book.

Poe's stationing in South Carolina may only have been key to reading a copy of "The Mourner" by D.M.C in 1807 which is strikingly similar. No ghost I have heard of unless it is local apocypha. Poe claimed he didn't believe in ghosts.

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2002

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