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Hey guys...

I just started using an 8X10 camera and wonder about developing my own film. I have been using Jobo 2500 tanks for 4x5 sheets (which have been PERFECT, by the way) and Patterson tanks for rollfilm (also perfect because of the wide funnel that allows chemicals to be changed in seconds).

I use a changing dome and the kitchen sink. What's the best light-tight system for 8X10?

Oh, and while I have you, now that I am using an 8x10 I am going to start using Bergger. What start times should I consider for both PMK and Xtol?

Thanks for the help. This is an awesome forum!


-- David G Hall (, February 17, 2002


David, you may consider saving for a Jobo CPA-2 or CPP-2 in order to use their 8x10 Expert sheet film drums if you think you'll be getting into LF for the long haul.... Andre

-- Andre Noble (, April 07, 2002.

Actually you can use the expert drums on a Beseler or Unicolor motor base. I did a thread many months back that dealt on how to use the drums without braking your piggy bank.

-- Jorge Gasteazoro (, April 07, 2002.

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