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I recently found a home that I could actually afford, signed a contract, and was pre-qualified and pre-approved for the mortgage. A new request has popped up now regarding proof of future income.

I have been on SS disability and disability benefits from my previous employment for almost nine years now. My income has been absolutely stable for 21 years, and I have the appropopriate records to substantiate this.

Now the lender wants "proof" that my disability will continue for at least three years in the future. My doctor could send a statement saying he expects the disability to continue, but that would have no bearing on whether the benefits will continue. No insurance administrator is going to make such a guarantee!

Lenders don't require active employees to get proof that they will retain their job for three years in the future. This sounds like a term or condition they're putting on approving the loan that would not be imposed if I weren't disabled.

Thanks for any comments.


-- Connie Cantrell (, February 17, 2002

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