Diff. between Grandagon & Grandagon-N?

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What's the difference between Rodenstock Grandagon and Grandagon-N lenses? Do the Ns just have a more modern coating, or is it related to angle of view or image circle? As always, thanks!

-- Todd Caudle (todd@skylinepress.com), February 17, 2002



I had been curious about that question, too. After not having found any answers, I recently got a chance to directly compare my older Grandagon MC 4,5/75 with a brand new Grandagon-N 4,5/75. I did two identical shots on AGFA RSX II 100 4x5. I was not able to distinguish the two on the light table, not even with a 10x loupe. The shot with the older Grandagon MC was neither less sharp nor less brilliant nor less color neutral. The only thing I recognized was, that the Grandagon-N seems to have a better field flatness. This was obvious when focusing wide open. But it does not seem to have a noticeable effect with a reasonable stopped down lens (f16). The Grandagon-N might need one f-stop less for optimum performance and thus deliver more resolution. Unfortunately I didn't compare the two lenses at different apertures. So this is primarily speculation.


-- Thilo Schmid (tschmid@2pix.de), February 17, 2002.

Thanks Thilo!

-- Todd Caudle (todd@skylinepress.com), February 17, 2002.


I asked the same question on this forum twice and did not receive an answer. Judging from the outstanding responses I usually get, this must be a tough one to answer or the difference between the two is so insignificant that no one really knows (or cares!). I was more curious just for information purposes because I REALLY enjoy reading information on photography. I am glad that the other responder performed a comparison so now I have some idea. I ended up buying the pre N anyway (a Linhof select 75mm 4.5 Grandagon M/C) and am very pleased with it. I also have another 75mm LF lenses which doesn't have any coverage but performs well at wide apertures.

So, even if the improvements are minor, it could take a 10X enlargement or something the see any difference. I can tell you this...I have Rodenstock factory literature for both lenses and the specs. are identical. My Grandagon serial number indicates that it was manufactured in 1979, which Bob Solomon (H. P. Marketing executive) was kind enough to look up for me. It is stamped "Multicoated". I don't know what year Rodenstock started to multicoat the lens but there are pre N's that don't have this engravement. Good luck...please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Best regards,

J. P. Mose

-- J. P. Mose (j.p.mose@lmco.com), February 18, 2002.

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