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Looks like its been a while since this group has seen any new action. Well if there is any life out there, here's my stupid question.

How could the people of Guam even think about Mrs. Guiterez for Governor?

The first time Carl Guiterez was elected Governor, most Guamanians were hopeful for a new and better approach to government policy. What we got instead was a return to plain old fashioned corruption and cronyism. Carl Guiterez is a skillfull politician just as President Clinton was but neither turned out to be good leaders for one overriding reason; we couldn't trust them. Now more than ever Guam needs a leader who is honest and forthright and has a real policy agenda for bringing Guam out the gloom of recession. The truth is that such a person doesn't exist yet I remain hopeful and I will cast my ballot with hope in my heart. But Mrs. Guiterez - pleeeeze no more.

-- Never Been to Spain (, February 17, 2002

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