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Hi, everyone, I've just finished videoing weekend three of the foundation course and Richard has asked to notify you all of the changes he has made inthe nutritional evaluation. For those of us that sometimes have a problem deciding when it is appropriate to look at homocysteine pathways etc, etc, this will now create a format for you. He is not intending to teach it on the Update, but has said he is willing to waive a course weekend fee for all of you and has said you can buy a copy of the video from me if you want to know all the details! I think its really exciting and pretty generous of him to offer this to the forum group. I need to know by tuesday the 18th if you are going to want a copy, as that is when I intend to take the videos down to my brother-in-law. The videos cost 40.00 plus postage and packing which is 4.00 first class or 6.50 special delivery. Please I need to know and to have cheques following pretty soon after that. It will be possible to get a copy, after this time but it will cost more to produce because it will have to be copied individually. Look forward to hearing from you all and hope you take advantage of Richards offer. It really is pretty exciting stuff!! As always!! Love Liz

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002

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