Absolutely no idea, need help, HOW TO MAKE VCD FrOM SCRATCH?

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I have nero. I have a Cd copier.

Can i make VCD'sand if so, what do i need?


-- JOE (bonneyboy@hotmail.com), February 17, 2002


You need to read this page:

How To Make a Video CD with Nero 5.5+


I presume you already have some video you want to burn, either captured, downloaded or stolen, right? Then just follow the instructions, using your own files instead. Presto!


-- Akai Rounin (akairounin@hotmail.com), February 17, 2002.

You also need to read ALL the entries in this forum. They may not make sense first, but with practice they will. Most of us here also started without a clue.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (turk690@yahoo.com), February 18, 2002.

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