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I have downloaded Transformers (The Return of Optimus Prime).From Morpheus Music City And the clip was an avi And when i try to covert it into mpeg it wouldnt let but it worked ok with my other stuff i downloaded but that one i cant. Im not sure if the formate on it is correct or not.Thanxs I sure can use the help on this one.

-- Roger Black (, February 17, 2002


Sometimes due to the odd nature of Windows, you will not have the full video codec for a movie installed. CODEC stands for COmpressor/DECompressor, so while you may be able to play the video via the DEcompressor portion of the codec, you may not be able to edit or convert it without having the original COmpressor on your system. So check the Properties of the AVI file you downloaded, then stop by someplace online and download its full codec and install it. You may check this link to see if the codec you need is there:

If that doesn't work, just do a search on for CODEC and the name of the codec you need.


-- Akai Rounin (, February 17, 2002.

Oh yeah, another thing or two... Sometimes when you are converting from AVI to MPEG the program you use can be rather finicky about certain details... If you are just doing this one file, you may be OK... But if you are trying to compile a Video CD, composed of several different videos, that might be a problem depending upon your settings. Every once in a while a program will demand that all the audio is in the EXACT same format, or one of a very narrow range of formats, before it will allow you to convert the file. So be sure to check your audio and video compression settings (in the program) and properties (in the file) to make sure they match the files you had no problem with.


-- Akai Rounin (, February 17, 2002.

Personally I tend to use virtualdub it is pretty good, and will automatically load any and all codecs in your machine for conversion between avi and mpeg the latest version sometimes hiccups though, so i have an older version which i use occasionally. Try it it's free so you lose nothing, and it's a pretty small download too at :

-- Nigel Fiddament (, February 23, 2002.

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