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Does anyone know whether a Repro-Claron 355mm f9.0 lens is a direct screw-in fit to the Copal 3 shutter? Also any comments as to how this lens compares to the later design G-Claron of the same focal length would be also greatly appreciated. My proposed use would be mainly at or near infinity for natural landscapes with an 8x10 camera. Thank you!

-- John Burnley (, February 16, 2002



Check Steve Grimes' website. He has a table that shows what lenses fit on Copal shutters.

-- Dave Karp (, February 16, 2002.

As far as I know they won't go in a Copal 3. I bought one in barrel and then bought a clean 210 4.5 Xenar for the shutter. Shutter is the old Compur DRGM Compound. It is a pleasing combination. They cover 8X10 with some movements but nothing like the later 355 G-Claron. The repro Clarons are the same formulae as Artars and Ronar's and have similar coverage, probably a little more. Schneider didn't put any mechanical vignette in these because of their intended purpose I suspect. Therefore beware. You'll see image where there really isn't any. Gets very fuzzy out past a certain point and sometimes it's difficult to tell when you're getting there. Later 305's I've seen were able to go into Copal 1, whereas my 305 is in a Compur 2. The same may be true of the 355's. Later ones may go into Copal 3. I'd like to hear from anyone that has a REPRO-Claron in Copal 3 for my info too. The 355 in Compound is a very pretty lens in my estimation. I enjoy the classic "look." That final statement probably won't find much sympathy in this crowd.

-- Jim Galli (, February 16, 2002.

I have a 420 mm repo-claron which was a direct fit in to a copal 3. It is a late model with serial number 11,521,346 with a black element housing. I think that the later models will fit into current shutters the same as late model g-claron lens.

-- Robert Cockrell (, February 17, 2002.

Thanks to all who responded, I really appreciate your input and advice. I backed away from a specific lens being offered on ebay as the seller could not confirm to me that it was a direct fit and if it was not the cost of mounting to Copal 3 would be a bit much. Will be on the lookout for a G-Claron 355 or, better yet, a Fujinon A 360mm - haven't seen one of these in awhile. 360mm seems to be the perfect angle of view on an 8x10 to frame certain mountain shots. At times my 305mm G- Claron is too wide and my 450mm Fujinon throws too narrow a field.

-- John Burnley (, February 18, 2002.

I have the new G-Claron 355/9. I use it as my longest lenses for my Zone VI 4X5 camera. It is quite heavy. I photographed New York skyline with this lens from Brooklyn for four years. This lens very sharp at infinity at f/16. I did not need to stop down to increase sharpness. It is often said that you have to stop down quite a bit w/ process lenses. But my records shows that f/16, 2 to 3 minutes after sunset w/ velvia. I purchased the lens from old Zone VI Studios after I read late Fred Picker's comments on this lens in the Zone VI newsletter and it came w/ a Copal 3 shutter. Hope this helps.

-- Mahmut Gunes (, April 13, 2002.

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