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I have the opportunity to acquire a Cambo SCN 4 in 8x10 with a 4x5 reducing back. I am planning to use this for studio portrait work and I wnder if there are and special problems to look for when buying and if there is any particular reason why or if this camera is to be avoided. Also do the more recent bag bellows and rails and accessories fit or is this an obsolete camera that is not part of the present Cambo system. I have Sinar but I am tempted by the price and I have a limited specific use for it. Any one have a cambo board that I can mount my sinar boards on?

-- Ed (, February 15, 2002


Ed, I recently bought a Cambo SC? 4 8x10 with a 4x5 and a 5x7 back as well as the 8x10 back. It is a very simple device and works well for me. It is well made but quite heavy. Mine is about 20 years old and worked in a studio before I got it. It looks brand new. I ordered new lens boards from Calumet, they fit perfectly. This camera is still in production if I'm not mistaken. I have been assured by Calumet that all of the accessories in their catalogue work perfectly on the Cambo I have. Jeff

-- jeff schraeder (, February 17, 2002.

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