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Hello Fellow Global Citizens,

I'm not one to waste people's time on meetings and so I think my time (and probably yours) would best be served working on the specifics of what's at hand. I am going to spend the weekend with a writer and graphic artist, creating some written material that we can easily access and then get to people. So I am cancelling the in person meeting tomorrow, Saturday 2/16/02 at 2pm. I am completely available for anyone regarding the upcoming events.

We have also changed the March 23rd event to March 30th because the Academy Awards are March 23rd. The sanctuary at Agape is more available also on the 30th. We have 2 rooms holding as "Green Rooms" as well.

I went to the Interfaith Friday morning meeting this morning and am glad that I did. Many good connections will come out of this. I plan to attend on a regular basis.

Carol and I will be at Marianne Williamson's hosted event for Congressman Kucinich's event this evening, which more than anything, gives us a chance to see who is actively supporting him and potentially this issue.

We still need to get people invited to the Feb. 23rd event. Please email your list of invites to Carol Rosin. As soon as I have something emailable and faxable with details of the event, I will distribute to you; this is my absolute priority over the weekend.

Thank you for the work you're all doing, it's coming along in many different ways.

Love and Light, Debbie

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002



I've got some material which might be useful to you for your handouts: a draft of a new home page for the peaceinspace website. It may or may not be appropriate, depending on your audience and objectives.

If you do choose to use any of it, please check with Carol first. She had concerns with some aspects of it (re conservative audiences), and I haven''t yet clarified those concerns with her.

Also, I'd like to review what you come up with for possible use in the web site.

Wishing you well, Carl L.

PS I'll send the file separately, since I can't attach it here.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002

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