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How do i convert video clips to AVI or VCD? Is there any programs that i can use? any info would be greatly appreciated thanks

-- Richard Roodbeen (, February 15, 2002


I recomend a PCI TV card, you can record video from your camcorder, VCR, cable, or from TV programs using a TV antenna. I wouldn't use the record program that come from the PCI TV card. I would use a program call FREE VCR ( which you can download for free on the web. It record the video into AVI videos segments which makes it easy to skip track. Next I would used a progam called XingMPG Encoder( it compress the avi video and it can be downloaded for free from the web) to convert the AVI into Video CD and last I would use a program call NERO 5.0 to burn the Video CD on to a CD-R. But remember to use two CD-R to divide the recorded video into two parts.

-- Juan Acevedo (, February 16, 2002.

You can get all the answers to your questions at - it's a wonderful site that offers tutorials for free. There are numerous options for acheiving these tasks and they explain them all in detail. So you should be able to educate yourself as to which is best for your needs.


Akai Rounin

-- Akai Rounin (, February 17, 2002.

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