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I am 48years old, live in Westchester County, NY and just diagnosed last wk with the above and scared. I am in the beginning stages of the disease(stage1-2 no collapse)and just started with crutches.I get 'knife-like pain in my hips.One specialist recommended vascular grafting and other decompression.Which one has the most success and why? It is also my understanding that not many Dr's have successfully performed grafting. Also, are most patients on crutches even after surgery until they require total hip replacements? What about driving?

Please help me!!

-- anonymous (anonymous), February 15, 2002


We cannot give specific treatment recommendations over the internet. However, we have information about osteonecrosis and it's treatment on our website at This site also gives instructions on how to make an appointment with one of our doctors.

-- David S. Hungerford, M.D. (, April 01, 2002.

I was diagnosed with Bilateral AVN in Sept 95 after suffering for more then 5 years. At the age of 33 this was a very disturbing situation. Never the less I opted for the THR and had the right hip done Dec. 5th the same year. Then had the left hip done Jan. 22nd. Just 8 weeks apart. I went back to work on crutches 2 weeks after surgery both times. I now lead a very normal life for an average over weight American male. My surgeon warned me to stay away from high impact activities in order increase the longevity of the replacements. He also said I would most likely would need another set of replacements in my lifetime. I most defiantly would NOT delay having the THR's. My only regret is not having it diagnosed sooner as I would not have had to live with the sever pain for five years.

Good Luck,

-- Bob Heebner (, August 24, 2003.

I am a 19 year old male who was diagnosed with AVN in just my right hip about four years ago in sept of 2000. After seing many doctors who suggested different things most of which said "well since your young lets wait and see" finally this past May i started seing a very brilliant doctor in Buffalo New York. After speaking to him a few times and being sick and tired of being in such terrible pain which included not being able to put my socks on in the morning and sometimes not even able to get out of bed i decided to get a ceramic total hip replacement. I just went in for surgery this past tuesday July 20th. I got out of the hospital friday and am currently in less pain than i was before i got the surgery. I do have some discomfort and pain of curse as with any surgery as well as some swelling, but nothing nearly as bad as before. I would recomend anyone with AVN to consider a total hip replacement. However, the most important and hardest thing is to find a doctor you are comfortable with. I'm from Erie PA and finally found one in Buffalo who is one of the best joint surgans in the state. If anyone in the area is looking for a good doctor to see check out a guy by the name of Dr. Phillips or contact me for more information. Good luck and i hope with was helpful

-- Patrick Fraley (, July 25, 2004.

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