During this lenten season how will you drawer closer to Jesus?

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This Sunday Feb. 17th will be the first sunday in lent. (Lent is 40 days before easter- we do not count sundays, and is a time to repent, reflect and draw closer to our lord and savior. The church colors are purple.) And as I am typing the bulletin and working on my sermon, my foot is in pain and bandaged. These life circumstances bring new meaning for me as a pastor during this lenten season. For sadness, pain, and fear are all emotions that one thinks of as we think of good friday. I feel so close to jesus because of this infection. He has been my stength, and he knows my pain. I am excited about preaching this lenten for I am drawing closer to jesus, I want to share this experience with my congregation. Are there things that require repentensess, in your life? Is there someone you need to forgive? Is there a prayer or a letter you would like to write to Jesus? During this season of preparation, I pray we will steal away with Jesus, and let our hearts be open to what he will reveal to us. I love Jesus so much, for he has experienced every pain that I am going through. Let him love you and heal you. May the power, love and peace of Jesus Christ fall upon you this lenten season.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002


As we seek a closer walk with God during this Lenten season, not only through reading and meditation of His Word, but we expecting to fast with much prayer, as well.

We're looking not only at fasting from certain foods and other hinderances that we just dearly love, (i.e. TV, movies, books, music, etc.) but we're in the mode of fasting from certain attitudes that hinder our walk with God. Here's a few.

We're asking God to help us to - fast from self-pity and feast on joy; to fast from anger and feast on peace; to fast from fear and feast on faith; to fast from destructive criticism and feast on praise; to fast from envy and jealousy and feast on love; to fast from doubt and feast on hope. Everytime I run up on one of those attitudes that's not pleasing to my Father, I'm praying for strength to overcome. I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me. Spirit of the Living God fall fresh on us; melt us, mold us, make us, fill us, use us for the honor and glory of Thy name.

For the next 38 days, we need the power of the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us. Help us Holy Ghost. We're praying and fasting and binding spirits that are not of God. With God all things are possible if you only believe.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002

Rev. Wiggs thank you for reminding us to fast, and to stay away from other hindrences. When I was child, people would be down in their spirits for they had to give up chocolate, coffee, drinking etc. Those were there choices. I have a different attitude, I am letting go of things, attitudes etc, that are bad in order to MAKE ROOM FOR JESUS CHRIST. This time of lent should be a time to rejuvinate ourselves spiritually. I am going to meditate on the Psalms this lenten season. And do some journaling around such topics as forgiveness. and asking Jesus how I can best serve him. I love Jesus and he has called me to serve him through the A.M.E church. I feel Christ is calling all Christians to a spiritual revival. I hope we all can take time and study the word, and embrace Jesus with our total being. I truly believe that God is in control of this world and he does not need my ideas on how to run it;-) Gossip, anger, jealousy, are some of the barriers that we as humans put up in our hearts and minds to block Jesus from coming into our lives. When we write on this discussion board, I always feel that Jesus and God are also reading the responses. Do we show in our words and deeds that Christ is our no. 1 priority in our lives and churches. Or has something else taken his place. The early church observed the time of lent, so that Jesus would stay fresh in their minds and hearts. Lent in my opinion is a time of purefication, it will be interesting to watch the world, our jobs and discussion board to see how lent is impacting our lives. Jesus walks with us, let us walk with him on his journey to the cross.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002

My plan was not God's plan. I had planned on preaching yesterday, but when my daughter checked my foot she said, "Mom you have to stay home it looks worse today, I will do church" She did! God bless her. Even though I was not there I sent some lenten homework;-) I asked my congregation to make a list of three people they needed to forgive and ask Jesus for help. When I made my own list, my foot doctor was on the list, he had mismanaged my foot care that lead to this infection. (Several specialists in town were livid because of what he had done) another person on my list was myself, I have been hard during this illness, for I have not been in church. Jesus and I are working on forgiveness and as I do, the weight of resentments are getting lighter. This lenten season is truly a time of spiritual growth for me. One member of my church called to tell me she put her husband on her list, and she realized that only Jesus could help her. I love all of you so much, and if I do not write for a couple of days trust that God is taking care of me. I want to take a few days place Jesus as my no. 1 priority. I am sending all of you spiritual hugs;-)

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2002

the above posts should read "I have been hard on myself, because I have been too sick to be in church"

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2002

Pastor Rogers our prayers are with you as you go through this valley.

I'm experiencing a different kind of trial,at this time. One that involves supervisors and co-workers where resentment is rearing its ugly head. So, we shall add resentment to our list of things we're fasting from. We want to fast from resentment and feast on contentment, like Paul who said, "in whatsoever state I find myself in therewith to be content."

Ahh! Hard job. Lord, carry us through this valley of despair. "Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him."

Pastor Rogers, we do not expect you to answer these posts but we do want to encourage your heart as you feast on the Word of the Balm in Gilead.

Blessings of love, joy, peace, and hope be yours.

Rev. J

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2002

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