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Let's list all nominees here, in bunches or singly for now. Later on we can develop a separate thread for individual nominees if they get that far.

These people expressed interest on their own according to Susan:

Bruce Peterson of MPW
Annie Hoy of Ashland Community Food Store.
Laurie Bock

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002


I find that I can't really come up with names because I didn't save all my Provender journals and bulletins from prior years, and what I'd really like to do is suggest that people who were willing to run before and were not elected be approached to setp up again.

I remember Bruce has run a couple of times, and I've always thought he would be great.

I feel somewhat hampered by the Candidate vs. Slate issue still being up in the air. I also need data - past board members, past steering committee members, past nominees - since those form the most likely pool of people that are familiar with Provender processes and, if they were willing to participate, would probably be most effective.

So, in absence of names, I would be calling the people who've run in the last few years but haven't been elected, and seeing if they would be interested again.

= =




= = =


-- Anonymous, March 24, 2002

More Information on Yvonne (I haven't spoken to her yet, because I'm also unclear on the process - I've started a nomination process thread)

Yvonne Hall Broker - Natural Foods Northwest

she shops the Red Barn a lot. She's a loyal natural foods shopper, has great energy, and I've experienced a lot of good follow up with her in a professional capacity.

-- Anonymous, February 17, 2002

I was thinking of Yvonne Hall. She's with Northwest Naturals I think - a broker.

What would be good is to know who's outgoing. I'm going to start another thread for current board - outgoing board - etc,

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002

How about Amber Janes of Stahlbush? She joined on her own, so I think she has some real commitment.

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

I'm not sure where Laurie's name came from. She currently serves on the NNFA Board and I'm nearly certain she is not interested in adding Provender to her agenda. Someone elae who has expressed interest in the past is Chris Brown from MPW. She would be worth a phone call or e-mail to see if she's interested for this year.

On another note, the Board has not reached consensus on the cadidate vs. slate discussion. There is a board meeting scheduled for Mar 21- 22 and it will be an agenda item. My feeling is that we should stick with candidate system for this year and possibly look at changing it for next year.

Still waiting to hear back from Laurie on timeline. We need to get on this process. It takes longer than it looks.

-- Anonymous, February 28, 2002

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