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I am really having trouble with this poem, can you help me out with a basic summary?


-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002


Early, Byronesque("Childe Harold" III,xiv, 1-3 and "The Dream" I, 19-21) See also Poe's "Imitation" vv 6,7.

"once and only once"("Eleonora" and the longer "To Helen"). The key transition phrase of this reflection on dreams as the core of his hope.

The poem has two parts. The first two describe the desirability of dreams as opposed to the poet's troubled reality, the second stanz being the more positive wish(sort of reverse Hamlet "To be or not to be"). The last two stansas where that hopeless wish for dream AND reality meet and create an eternal moment. The third stanza describes the experience as an imprint forever on his remembrance and the fourth defines the Paradise and Love completely his own. Juxtaposed to his brightest Hope. So the ideal is caught, internalized, eternal and all his.(Possessiveness is a strong need in Poe's pomes like "Annabel Lee", "Eulalie"). A good description of Poe's internal, inward muse and his salvation in isolation during worldly struggle.

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2002

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