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Can anyone Please Let me Know how to convert Video Tapes into VCD and DVD. What are the Different Things I have to look into, What type of machine I need to Buy and what are the Video Capture Device I require and what is the SOftware which it is going to Use. As I want all things to do it in Resonable Price.

Thanks In Advance

Regards Lourde

-- Lourd (, February 13, 2002

Answers has lots of guides on how to get started. You have a lot of options on just about everything and most stuff has people who love it and people who hate it. I do want to say though that your idea of a "reasonable price" might be too low. You get what you pay for and more expensive tools give higher quality results. You could probably do VCD on the cheap for maybe $200-300 US for everything, maybe less, but DVD is kind of expensive. You will need an authoring program of some kind and none are free. The cheapest I know of it about $250 US. However, if you buy the Dazzle DVC II and can get it to work for you, you can buy it for about $230 US or so if you look at and you can make VCDs, SVCDs and DVDs with it. The only thing you would need to make DVDs is either a DVD burner of some kind or you could burn shorter clips to CD-R media with the understanding that most standalone DVD players won't recognize DVD format on CD-R. The DVC II comes with a stripped down version of DVDit to use for DVD authoring and it comes with its own video editing software, so you don't really need anything else. The DVC II can be problematic in AMD based systems without VIA chipsets or PCs that share IRQs on PCI slots, so be warned. As a general rule, the faster your CPU, the more memory and disk space you have, the better off you are.

-- Jason (, February 14, 2002.

Try this site for reasonable prices.


-- Ed Hartley (BCVIDEOCREATIONS@YAHOO.COM), February 14, 2002.

Can any one say in detail How do I connect the VCR and What is the software I need to USE as every one says to check but there is no specific details given. Please some one HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP.!!!!!

Regards lourde

-- Lourd (, February 21, 2002.

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