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I had cause to revert to an older Omega Dichroic enlarger which I found out to be not working correctly. Please advise. When the timer/voltage regulator is turned on, the modeling light in the enlarger head comes on as it should (it illuminates the dial/numbers CMY). The internal fan in the head also works. However, ( and this is the crux of the problem ) the quarts halogen light does not work when it is initiated with the timer. I have taken the halogen light out & replaced it with another replacement bulb, and it likewise does not illuminate. And I have utilized a secondary timer just in case as a test.

What may be the source of the problem--how to solve, etc?????

If this is not clear please ask further questions.

-- Raymond Bleesz (, February 13, 2002


Post your question here, Raymond.

-- Alec (, February 13, 2002.

If you're talking about the monster "Robbie the robot" type Omegas, I haven't seen one of those in years, but I have used the younger chromega heads, and use a beseler dichro head daily....both of these heads, have a "white light" switch, which swings the filters out of the way so you can focus...if the switch is on, and you turn off the focus switch on a timer...the unit will not switch on when the timer kicks in....this saves you from burning up a sheet of paper without the filters in, I dunno about your enlarger, but you might want to check & see if there's a white-light switch....hope this helps.

-- DK THompson (, February 13, 2002.

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