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Hi Folks,

Susan asked me to write a job description for the Nominating Committee, which lays out the tasks step by step. I hope this will be helpful to the new committee. Let me know if you have any questions.


Composition: One current board member who is not seeking re-election in the upcoming election, (either because they are retiring from the board or because their term is not up this year), one Provender member from the retail sector, one Provender member from the distributor sector, one Provender member at-large. One of these 4 people should have served on the Nominating Committee from the previous year.

Term: One year, from one annual meeting to the next. Members will volunteer and be approved by the board at the annual meeting.


Develop a time line for recruitment and nomination of candidates and submit to board.

Review board member job description, questionnaire and list of qualifications, updating as needed.

Recruit board candidates: solicit at annual meeting, via Provender newsletter and via informal networks of Provender members. Ascertain which board members whose terms are up, will be seeking re-election.

Follow up with potential candidates to answer their questions and gauge their continuing interest in serving on the board.

Send questionnaire to potential candidates, including current board members running for re-election, and follow up to ensure questionnaires are received by deadline.

Call references given by potential candidates and fill out reference questionnaires. Keep all references confidential from everyone except other Nominating Committee members.

In a conference call, review each candidate, sharing information from references, then rating each candidate on the matrix of qualifications. Decide which candidates are qualified to be offered nominations.

Present the slate of nominees to the board with a report on actions taken and any recommendations for future Nominating Committees.

If the board decides to use the „ballot system‰ rather than the „slate system,‰ the Nominating Committee should seek to nominate twice as many candidates are there are openings.

Documents already established:

List of qualifications for board members

Questionnaire to be filled out by potential candidates

Reference check questionnaire to be filled out by Nominating Committee members as they interview references on the phone

Matrix for rating candidates against qualifications
Carolee Colter
4551 33rd Ave. South
Seattle, WA 98118

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002


Please use the job description I sent to you rather than this one. There are just a few subtle changes but changes they are. The committee members include Roxanne, Cynthia, Kirk, and Andy.

-- Anonymous, February 14, 2002

This is so cool and clear! The only thing not clear is who is on the committe now? Roxx, Cyn, Kirk, and ???. Thanks.

-- Anonymous, February 13, 2002

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