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To the Global Citizens team,

After a few conversation between myself, Carol and Lindsay, and also having some quiet time to process the events that have occurred over the past 2-3 days, we've decided to make some changes to the events we are creating. We hope these "feel" better to you guys because they do for us.

Instead of Feb. 23rd being a live event at Agape, we are making that evening a private event at Andrew Beath's house in Malibu. For those of you who know Andrew and/or his sacred space which is overlooks the ocean and is often booked out for fund raisers, this is a wonderful location for this type of event. The purpose of the event will be an "orientation" for community leaders, spiritual community leaders and celebrity types whom have money and outreach. We will have an intimate evening of about 80-100 people who will be able to learn about the issue from the main players of this movement; Dennis Kucinich, Carol Rosin and Daniel Sheehan. This will give people an opportunity to learn what the issue is, who the players are and what we need from them, in a more relaxed state of beingness. This is not a specific fund raiser for anyone, but funds are always accepted.

The live event will be Saturday, March 23rd at Agape in the sanctuary. We have more time, more access to people, press and participants this way. The thought was, yes, we could put something together by next Saturday, but would it be the powerful experience we want to come out of the gate with? Probably not, so let's give ourselves more time and do the way we want to start a movement with and be remembered by having a lot of energy and momentum.

There is a wonderful new addition to a main production team as of today. Lindsay put a call into her collegue, Bobbi Frank, who used to head up Women In Film, produce the Crystal Awards and the Lucy Awards, produce large events all over the world and knows a lot of people in Hollywood. She is going to be very involved in the live production and in connecting us to the types we want to enroll in this endeavor. We are VERY blessed to have her playing in our field. This is yet another example of the divine guidance we are all receiving with this issue, mission, project and movement.

I met with Lindsay's ex-assistant, Pamela Harris, today. She's now officially part of our production team and will be available to assist in many things. Remember that we have a pool of volunteers as resources for finding the right people for things and for running errands. Alan Onisker, who has been a part of The Aware Show angels for quite awhile, will now be part of John Schindler's dept.

We are keeping the wonderful momentum going, but I am very clear that I, nor do I encourage or want anyone else to, be creating from franetic energy or from scarcity. As a priority, we will be setting up private meetings with money people also. So if you know anyone who you'd like us to meet with, please let me know.

We will still be having our next meeting on Saturday at 2pm and I hope at least the dept. heads can be there. Should you not be able to be there, please call me by Thursday and let me know, so I can make sure you're dept. is communicated with.

Thank you for your gifts and your contribution of time and energy. Love and Light, Debbie

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2002

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